Stressless, a Superior Chair for Gamers

Stressless, a Superior Chair for Gamers


Are you a gamer who plays console games on Xbox One or Playstation 4? The struggle to find a comfortable chair to sit in for an extended period of time is a common problem for most gamers. There are a few issues that most "gaming chairs" do not solve:

1) Not every person has the same body type. A person who is 5"2" 120lbs is not going to use the same chair as a person that is 6"2" and 220lbs. A "one size fits all" approach is rudimentary and ends up being uncomfortable for most. 

2) Not everyone's comfort preferences are the same. You may want to be hugged into your chair or maybe have more space to lean against the other arm rest. The reality is, most chairs are offered in one size and you may find a design you like but it wouldn't fit your comfort preference. 

3) Keeping your line of sight straight while you are reclined. Most chairs that recline are designed for sleeping, and position your neck in a way that faces the ceiling. This isn't ideal for gaming since your TV or monitor is located in front of you... 

How did we solve this?

1) Not every person has the same body type. Stressless offers chairs in 3 different sizes and several different models that vary slightly in size as well. The hundreds of combinations will guarantee that you find a model and size that fits you perfectly. 

2) Not everyone's comfort preferences are the same. Between the models of Stressless recliners there are some that have luscious pillow tops that sink you into the chair or some that are more fitted to the contours of your body making you feel secure and in place. If you need more room to lean to a side, a large size might be the right way to go. If you want to feel hugged by the chair, a smaller size may provide you with that support. 

3) Keeping your line of sight straight while you are reclined. All Stressless recliners are built on a frame that allows you to have the headrest set in two different options. The first keeps your head facing straight as you recline, making it ideal for keeping eye contact in conversation, reading a book, watching TV and of course, gaming. The second is activated by pulling the head rest towards your body, will relax the headrest and allow you to recline with your head tilted back to rest or take a nap. 

See how the GlidePlus System keeps your eye line straight while reclining. 



Stressless also offers several tables that attach to the chair including a laptop table.

Stressless has independent side tables that have USB ports built into them, allowing you to charge your controller while playing or away from your game. The contour of the table is built so that it sits perfectly next to your chair. 

Lastly, Stressless offers each chair in a home office base. Perfect for computer gamers or anyone who needs wheels for mobility. 

In summary, Stressless chairs allow you to be custom fitted, personalized comfort, maintain a line of sight to your TV while reclined, offer several tables to suit a gamers needs, and an office chair base for those who game on computers. 

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