Ergonomics, Posture, and Chiropractic Health [8 Simple Ways to Improve]


Improving Your Ergonomics - Back Health and Neck Health - With Technology

With each introduction of new life-changing technologies, we find many ways that new tech improves our lives, but also in many ways it can create new challenges. When the keyboard was first introduced, it vastly increased our writing speed, but many people developed carpal tunnel syndrome. We are finding similar issues with cell phones causing neck pain and thumb pain. New guidelines for ergonomics, posture, and chiropractic health were introduced to help keep us healthy, here are eight that will help you stay ergonomically healthy in a technologically evolving world.

1) Reduce Neck Pain By Holding Your Phone At Eye Level

You may look like an old man holding your phone up to your face, but it will keep you from tilting your neck down to look at your phone. Expert in back pain and neck pain, Dr. Krieger of Krieger Health Solutions in Roswell, GA suggests putting the phone away more often and keeping it at eye level when it is used. This will help reduce tilting you neck down at your phone and hunching your back over to see a phone flat on a table.

Phone Ergonomics and Back Health

2) Use Hand-Free Accessories For Long Phone Calls

Handfree Reduce Back Pain

Do you find yourself switching your phone from ear to ear during a long phone call? Your body is telling you something, and it is that you're uncomfortable holding the device up to your head for that long. An easy solution for this is handsfree accessories. These accessories have dropped in price dramatically, and it is well worth it. You can reduce neck pain of holding the phone against your shoulder or unknowingly tilting your neck during a phone conversation. Your elbows and shoulders will thank you too, holding a phone up to your ear put your arm in a very uncomfortable position for a long time.

3) Change The Way You Sit - Ergonomic Chairs

If you sit a lot, do your back a huge favor and invest in a comfortable chair that is designed with ergonomics in mind. The Scandinavian Chair Manufacturer, Stressless, are masters in ergonomics. A Stressless Recliner, Stressless Chair, or Stressless Office Chair can improve your back health and make for a very comfortable sit. Stressless is the only furniture company that is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. A Stressless Chair can reduce your neck pain and back pain. A Stressless Office Chair will help you maintain a healthier ergonomic position at work.

4) Keep Your Computer Monitor at Eye Level

When you are sitting at your desk, do you find yourself having to bend forward to reach a good view position of your monitor? This bending can cause severe back pain! Your monitor should be positioned so that it is at eye level and a comfortable viewing distance for you. An easy solution is using an adjustable desk or standing desk. These desks allow you to change the height of your monitor and make for a more comfortable day at work. This will help you reduce neck pain, back pain, and eye strain. Designer Home Comfort highly recommends Standing Adjustable Desks from BDI Furniture. BDI Specializes in ergonomically friendly and functional desks that look great!

5) Regularly Visit a Chiropractor for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Chiropractor can improve your back health and ergonomics

Visiting a chiropractor has a wide range of benefits, but the most complained about the ailment that drives people to see a chiropractor is neck pain and back pain. According to Dr. Krieger of Krieger Health Solutions in Roswell, GA, chiropractors can also assist with weight loss, arthritis, insomnia, and even migraine headaches.

6) Position Your Body Ergonomically in Front of a Computer

First, make sure you are using an office chair that can be height adjusted. Leaving your feet dangling off the floor puts a strain on your lumbar and lower back. Your keyboard and mouse should not have to be reached for. Keep them in a comfortable distance from the center of your body. Do not hunch over to view your monitor as we mentioned in #4 to keep your monitor at eye level. If you need to, stack books under your monitor to raise it if needed. Make sure your arms are comfortably supported. Relax your shoulders and arms, and they should remain in the same position, if they do not, you need to adjust your desk, office chair or both. This is very important for workplace ergonomics.

7) Reduce Repetitive Motions To Improve Ergonomic Health

texting ergonomics .jpg

Repetitive motions (scrolling on a mouse, mindlessly thumbing down Facebook, and even typing) can cause Musculoskeletal Disorder. Avoid these receptive motions by switching up tasks or changing the way you perform each task. This will significantly improve your overall ergonomic health.

8) Get Up and Walk Around!


This one is simple! Don’t get stuck at your computer for 3 or 4 hours at a time, take a moment to walk around. You can even work while you do this if you must. Take a stroll through the office park during your next “conference call” where you are just on mute and listening to everyone suggest ideas that will never get done. Set an alarm to do this every so often or use a smartwatch which will tell you when you have been sitting for too long! This will improve your back health and keep you healthy!

Which one of these 8 tips did you find most useful?