Health Advantages of Ergonomic Furniture


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently reported that one in four Americans sits for more than eight hours per day at work, home, and during commutes. The act of sitting for too long is such a pressing issue in our country that it has now been deemed “the new smoking.” It is all too common for Americans with computers to be craning their necks toward their monitors and slouching in their chairs for the majority of their days, resulting in continuous havoc to their postures.

Practicing this sedentary lifestyle can result in early mortality and chronic diseases. Additional health risks include weight gain, poor blood circulation, posture problems, and persistent body pain. The very chairs and sofas we invest in and utilize every day can result in permanent damage to our bodies.

The age of workaholics and the rise of the health-conscious have allowed for ergonomic furniture to thrive. These uniquely designed furniture lines are here to provide Americans with exceptional lumbar support and proper body alignment. Ergonomic furniture can prevent health problems, discomfort, and fatigue and can ultimately improve your productivity at work or home.

DHC - Stressless Recliner Chair.jpg

Ekornes line of Stressless recliners, sofas, and office chairs are especially superior options when searching for ergonomic pieces for your home. A leader in the industry due to their seamless combination of style, comfort, and function, Ekornes’ Stressless line is recognized as one of the most comfortable furniture lines globally. Stressless is one of the very few brands that is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Brands undergoing an inspection from the ACA board of doctors of chiropractors are analyzed, tested, evaluated. Once the endorsement is official, the brands are then consistently reviewed every year to ensure it still meets the highest of standards. Stressless chairs provide your neck, head, and back with the right support, guaranteeing your everyday comfort when you have no choice but to spend your whole day at your desk.

At Designer Home Comfort, we offer a variety of ergonomic furniture options, including the highly coveted Ekornes Stressless line. Our mission is to give each one of our customers the individualized attention they deserve to help them achieve a comfortable and fruitful lifestyle.