Stressless Paloma Special Leather Colors - July 2018 Update

WOW, What happened! Stressless has decided to change the lineup on the Paloma Special Colors this year. The popular Metal Grey Color and Bold Henna will be dropped for the new Silver Grey and Pleasing Sparrow Blue. 

Stressless leather is second to nobody! The Paloma Grade of Stressless Leather offers a great balance of soft to touch and durable leather. Paloma Special Leathers are available only on Stressless Sofas. Stressless Bulk buys these colors to get better pricing and pass that down to you (the consumer). Below are the new Stressless Paloma Special Colors for 2018! 


2018 NEW Stressless Paloma Special Colors - Effective July 2018

These are for Stressless Leather Sofas Only. Stressless Sofas will be marked as Paloma Special on our page here. 

Michael Amat