5 Easy Ways to Be Healthier At Work & During Travel [Action Plans]

Posture, Ergonomics, Movement, Health (Spine, Eyes and Diet) and Actions to Improve Your Health at Work and On the Road

"Sitting Is The New Smoking" at least according to an article written by The Active Times. In the article they explain several ways in which being sedentary can adversely affect your health, even going as far as saying it could make you more prone to cancer. 

Okay, but we all know sitting in front of a computer or in a car is worse for us than walking, so I am not going to elaborate on the harmful effects of the above-mentioned article. Instead, we are going to discover how in the world we are supposed to try and be healthier when we are on the road every other week or sitting at a desk with deadlines to meet. 

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Be Healthier At Work & During Travel

1. Stop Sitting so Much!

Easy to say, even easier to do! There are several options for standing desks at work. There are standing desks that are motorized making getting up and sitting back down easy as pressing a button. Can't change your desk at work? Some standing desks can be attached to your current desk. There are even standing desks that have treadmills under them (A bit excessive and distracting, but to each their own)!

Designer Home Comfort recommends standing desks from BDI, which can be found here! 

If you are on the road, stop at rest stops and take 3 minutes to walk around. This won't slow you down much since you can get right back on the highway. 

2. Keep a Forearm Workout Tool in Your Vehicle

forearm workout.jpg

A forearm work out tool is an easy way to keep your blood moving if you are having to endure long car rides! If you are driving, make sure you are not violating any traffic laws in your state by using one while your vehicle is in motion. Here is a link to a great resource on these tools. 

3. Maintain Good Posture When Sitting

Do you ever go to bed and wonder why your back hurts? Sitting too much is not great for you but sitting with bad posture too much can be a huge health issue. The right office chair, desk, and set up is important for keeping your keyboard, monitor, and other tools in the most ergonomically friendly places. A Stressless Office Chair can improve your posture and back health combined with following some office set up guidelines below. 

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

4. Eat Healthier on The Road


If you travel a lot for work, you know how hard it is to eat healthy. Typically, fast food is the most convenient place to eat while you're on the road. To avoid this, plan your trip ahead of time by bringing healthy snacks: Protein bars, fruit, smoothies, granola bars or almonds (even dark chocolate!) are some good quick road snacks to pack. Some healthier place to eat like Smoothie King or Panda Express could have a drive through, just keep to healthy options on the menus! Avoid traditional fast foods! No golden arches or king of burgers!

5. Reduce Eye Strain from Computers and Devices


Blue light from computer monitors and any device with a screen is related to eye strain. To avoid this just don't look at the screen! Just kidding, we know that isn't possible, like it or not, our lives revolve around computers and devices with screens. 

However, here are some tips... Use a monitor that has a blue light filter, this should help reduce some eye strain or use glasses which have a blue filter. Use printing to read longer emails or articles. Of course, look away from your monitor every so often and adjust your eyes to the "Real World". Some expert advice on eye health related to work can be found here.