Brands We Trust

Designer Home Comfort only carries brands that we have vetted meticulously based on Quality, Design, Comfort, Value of Products, Warranty, Customer Support and Company Values. Some of the best brands that have earned a spot in our showroom include Stressless by Ekornes, Palliser, and Malouf. All three brands demonstrate what quality, design, comfort and more.


Stressless Luxury Leather Furniture

Stressless by Ekornes was first introduced to the world as the Stressless recliner in 1971. The first Stressless recliner was meticulously developed and designed to provide your body with comfort and support while sitting upright or reclined. Stressless furniture has become the ultimate recliner for the past 35 years. The revolutionary design of Stressless recliner led the way.  

For decades we have been committed to our comfort philosophy while continuously refining and improving every detail of Stressless furniture. We continue our pursuit of perfecting the ultimate seating comfort of Stressless recliners and sofas today. 

The innovation of the Stressless Plus™ System is integrated into our line of chairs, loveseats, and sofas. Offered in both high- and low-back sofas, Stressless offers individual adjustment of each seat for personalized comfort. Look for the Stressless logo for authenticity to ensure you are getting the best from The Innovators of Comfort™.

Try a Stressless Chair for yourself today! 



Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd. is a furniture manufacturing company headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Palliser Furniture is a family-owned company. Palliser Furniture manufactures and distributes upholstery furniture products throughout Canada, Mexico and United States. Palliser Furniture manufactures all types of upholstery, stationary, motion, recliners, home theatre, and chairs over 300 leathers and fabrics.


Malouf Sleep

While in college, our founders, Sam & Kacie Malouf, wanted upscale bedding. When realizing the cost, they set out to find a way to experience luxurious sleep at a lower price. Their passion led them to discover where and how to create high quality products at an affordable cost. Malouf was created as the result of their desire to share this discovery.

Because each aspect of every product was highly considered, our reputation quickly elevated. Retailers and consumers recognized detail in our award-winning product packaging, pricing and quality. To complement our product, we organized a systematic infrastructure to ensure fast shipping and invaluable customer service.


Making beautiful design practical.   

For too long, people in the market for high-end home and office furniture have had to make a choice between pieces that are strikingly beautiful, but short on functionality, and pieces that are highly functional, but aesthetically not up to par.

At BDI we’re eliminating the need to choose, by applying the principles of high-end modern and contemporary design to practical, everyday furniture use.

Since 1984, we’ve been dedicated to creating uniquely functional, beautifully streamlined, and rigorously executed furniture. The features that we’ve made standard — including easily adjustable shelves, fingerprint-proof glass, hidden wheels, flow-through ventilation, and meticulously thought-out cord-management systems — are a result of our ongoing dedication to beautifully practical design.

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