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Stressless Sizing Guide


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Stressless Recliner Sizes - Small, Medium, Large

Stressless Sizing Rules: Small (5' 4" and Below) / Medium* (5' 5" to 6') / Large (6' +)

* Stressless Recliners That Have Adjustable Headrests Can Suit Taller People With a Narrower Build

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Best Selling Stressless Chairs

  1. Stressless Mayfair

  2. Stressless Sunrise

  3. Stressless Magic

  4. Stressless View

  5. Stressless Consul

Best Stressless Chairs For Tall People (6'+)

  1. Stressless Magic (Large or Medium)

  2. Stressless View (Large or Medium)

  3. Stressless Capri (Large or Medium)

  4. Stressless Aura (Large or Medium)

  5. Stressless Reno (Large Only)

Best Stressless Chairs For Short People (Under 5' 2")

  1. Stressless Sunrise (Small or Medium)

  2. Stressless Consul (Small or Medium)

  3. Stressless Mayfair (Small Only)

  4. Stressless Crown (Small Only)


Most Plush Stressless Chairs

  1. Stressless Magic

  2. Stressless Live

  3. Stressless Reno

  4. Stressless View

  5. Stressless Capri

Firmest Stressless Chairs

  1. Stressless Consul

  2. Stressless Wing

  3. Stressless YOU John

  4. Stressless YOU James

  5. Stressless Paris

  6. Stressless Metro

Need a Higher Seat?

  1. Stressless Capri (Highest Recliner Seat)

  2. Signature Base Recliners (Usually sits about 1" higher than the Classic Base)

  3. Elevator Ring for Classic Base Recliners (adds 1.25" to seat Height)

  4. Elevator Ring for Ottoman (adds 1.25" to Ottoman Height)

  5. Elevator Kit for Signature Base Recliners (adds 1.25" to Ottoman and Seat Height)