Stressless Consul

Most Affordable Stressless Ever


The Stressless Consul is the most affordable Stressless Chair, however, do not let the price fool you. This Stressless Recliner is made from the same frame and technology as every Stressless Recliner.

The Consul has a simple look with "baseball" style stitching for a touch of character. 

The Stressless Consul offers great lumbar support, neck support and back support. The Consul is the firmest Stressless Chair we offer. If you like direct support from the famous Stressless Cold Rolled Steel, then the Consul is the right choice for you. 

The Consul is perfect for those who prefer a firm sit and are working with a budget!


Stressless Consul - Stressless Chair
Stressless Consul Dimensions
Stressless Consul Signature Base