Stressless Manhattan Sofa by Ekornes

Stressless Manhattan Sofa by Ekornes

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The Ekornes Manhattan sofa is for those who love design and can appreciate the style of this luxury sofa. The Stressless Manhattan sofa is made to comfort. Choose the style and look of your sofa. From the Paloma leather to the type of wood you'd like at the base, you decide what goes great in your living room. 

At Designer Home Comfort you can find all of your luxury sofa needs. Shop this Stressless Manhattan sofa and other Stressless furniture.

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Ekornes is our collection of comfortable stationary sofas. The Ekornes sofas allow you to complement your room with the furniture that suits your personal taste.

Coordinated styles - built-in comfort

Most people want their furniture coordinated to enhance the style and feel of their homes. Previously this has been difficult to find all in one place. Stressless and Ekornes offer collections in matching styles, so that you can arrange your living space to suit your style and needs. Stressless combines the very best comfort with perfect style.

Leather, Fabric & Wood
Our Stressless recliners and sofas offer four types of leather and fabric to choose from in a full range of colors. The Stressless base is made from European beech, and comes in a range of different finishes. You can view and experience all our different types of leather, fabrics and wood at your nearest Stressless Comfort Zone.

Optional legs
It's amazing how you can change look and style on a sofa by using different legs. That is why some of our Ekornes® sofas comes with a choice of different leg types to suit your personal taste.

Paloma Special Leather Colors

Wood Colors

 In Order: Black, Wenge, Grey, Brown, Teak, Walnut, Oak, Natural

In Order: Black, Wenge, Grey, Brown, Teak, Walnut, Oak, Natural