Stressless Sunrise

Wake Up to Perfection


Second to the Stressless Mayfair, the Stressless Sunrise is the most popular Stressless Recliner. From the classic collection, the Sunrise is a well recognized Stressless chair.

A simple yet intriguing look allows you to incorporate the Stressless Sunrise into any room! 

The Stressless Sunrise offers great lumbar support, neck support and back support. The Stressless Sunrise is a somewhat flat back with slight curves around the sides for a more open feel. The headrest is like a small low loft pillow from the highest stitch line to the top of the headrest. This pillowed headrest sits perfectly around your neck and head.

The Sunrise is perfect for those who do not need a very high back, prefer a medium plushness, and only minor amounts of contouring to the back.


Stressless Sunrise Recliner
Stressless Sunrise Dimensions
Stressless Sunrise - Signature Base